In today’s business environment, it is no longer acceptable to deliver products or services of German quality at German prices. It is also not acceptable to offer Chinese prices at Chinese quality.  In a business environment like Australia or UK, it is essential for success, indeed for survival, that we produce

German Quality at Chinese Prices.

It is true that competing on price alone is suicidal, but it is equally important to understand that competing on quality/service alone is a recipe for slow death.  Globalisation, mass connectivity, and international standards have rendered the question of quality obsolete.  Most products and services have turned into commodities that must meet strict specifications.  If we cannot meet specifications, our product/service is rejected even before it gets to the market.  If we are unable to meet or exceed the quality expectations of our client/customer, we are simply out of business.  Quality is our permission to exist, and we cannot charge a fee for that privilege.

Customers take quality for granted and do not pay a premium for it.

We still have to compete on price, without compromising on quality. In fact,

Quality Costs Less,

so we have no justification to charge more.  Quality costs less because a quality product is the outcome of a quality process: a process that is accurate, efficient, and controlled; hence, it yields less defects, less waste, less repairs, less rejections, less warranties or returns, more customer satisfaction, more repeat customers, and less spending on marketing.  Quality costs more if it comes through a rubbish process, then we sift through a pile of rubbish product in the hope of finding the odd acceptable one, then overloading the cost of all the junk onto the price of the few good ones.

Quality that costs more is a statement about incompetence of the producer,

and in today’s business environment, customers/clients do not reward incompetence.

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