Apr 182012

Most businesses depend on the skills and expertise of their human resources; which is good, as long as the human does not get sick, late to work, stressed, overworked, bored, distracted, have family issues, participate in industrial action, or is misinformed, biased…etc.  All those human factors reduce product/service Quality and increase Cost.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to make businesses more profitable, by retaining the human skills and expertise, while avoiding the associated social baggage brought by humans. AI aims to achieve

seamless integration between Man and his Machine,

by enabling the machine to mimic human intelligence. Some of the most successful aspects of AI are Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic Controllers, and Artificial Neural Networks.

The challenge in establishing a Fuzzy Expert System is that at some stage one has to extract experience (knowledge) from human experts, which is self-defeating.

My research on Fuzzy Modelling of Engineering Systems has pioneered a methodology by which Experience and Knowledge can be extracted from natural events, without resorting to advice from human experts; thus, we are able to build systems that develop intelligence without human contribution.

Knowledge Engineering focuses more on the content/context of the human experience; Artificial Intelligence deals with the structural representation of this knowledge; while Soft Computing is more about the computer science and software implementation. I worked in all three phases: KE, AI, and SC;  with experience in:

  • Rule-based Expert Systems,
  • Fuzzy Logic, and Rough Sets,
  • Statistical Analysis,
  • Artificial Neural Networks,
  • Non-linear optimisation approaches, e.g. Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing, Monte Carlo, Ant Colonies, etc.

Invite me to a (no obligation) visit, and I can show you how I can help you make your business more efficient and profitable, using knowledge engineering and AI tools, without resorting to risky ventures like Six Sigma, Lean, or Agile.

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