Apr 162012

I am a Change Agent. Yasser AliI utilize my comprehensive expertise, along with my qualifications, in assisting businesses to become more efficient, more productive, and more profitable; by innovating paradigm changes that advance one or more of the Product Development and Process Improvement functions–all the way from conceptual design to mass production–using computer-aided engineering, automation, artificial intelligence, and knowledge engineering.

Apr 162012

More than 23 years experience in roles including consulting engineering, research and development, design, construction, project management, manufacturing, marketing, and business development; at several leading world-class organisations.

Apr 162012
2006 PhD in Engineering The University of Sydney
1993 MSc in Materials Engineering The American University in Cairo
1990 BSc (Hon) in Mechanical Engineering (CAx) Minor in Computer Science and Electronics The American University in Cairo
Apr 162012
  • Leading the development of innovative technologies for fabricating energy efficient electric machines, for a consortium of multinational manufacturers. Project was fast tracked and client realised other significant market opportunities for their products; with applications within the automotive industry, alone, estimated at billions of dollars annually.
  • Developing technologies for the processing of engineering ceramics and polymers, for a Chinese government agency. Produced innovative cutting solutions and increased production rates. The established models gained international acceptance, with great commercial relevance to the mining, oil and gas, medical devices, micro-machines, and defence industries.
  • Formulating and conducting training for professional engineers on advanced engineering. Significantly contributed to shaping the minds and thoughts of hundreds of engineers across various industries Australia-wide.
  • Innovating an ultra-precision machine, all the way from conceptual design to prototype realisation, for a government-sponsored project. Successfully developed a unique multi-scale system for nano to micro-scale machining and testing, costing only $300,000—an 85% saving on competing offers from Japan. Generated substantial patentable intellectual property, with huge potential for licensing and commercialisation royalties.
  • Pioneering a technology for damage-free surfacing of Silicon wafers, for the semi-conductor industry, while addressing environmental concerns about the use of harsh chemicals. A world-first in the development of damage-free and chemical-free polishing technology was achieved, with worldwide recognition.
  • Guiding a team of specialists, designing methods for early detection of defects, for a leading provider of ultra-high frequency communication devices, used by the US Air Force. The client adopted the testing methods as standard quality control procedures, which resulted in significant cost savings and product quality improvement.
  • Advancing human scientific knowledge: establishing a framework for atto-second pulsed-laser heating, for next-century atomic-scale fabrication. Established a world-first model for Relativistic Heat Conduction, which was published in the top international journal in the field.
  • Devising, developing, and implementing holistic methodologies for constructing Fuzzy Expert Systems, without relying on human experts for knowledge acquisition. The methodology successfully improved efficiencies for various systems, including forecasting of the financial markets. It is published in the top international journal in this field, and is highly cited.
  • Designing complex piping systems, for Caltex, used for transferring large volumes of oil, including high-temperature piping. The project was successfully completed, and my expertise saved over $1 million in total plant cost.
  • Developing original Piping and Instrumentation (P&ID) diagrams, conforming to project contracts and international standards. Produced more efficient designs of piping systems, saving an average of $13,000 a day.
Apr 142012

Nominated assessor for the Australian Research Council, assessing ARC Discovery and Linkage research funding applications ($4.75M, including $2.491M cash, since 2011)

Apr 142012

Regular reviewer of academic articles for established international journals, such as:

  • International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
  • International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture
  • Journal of Materials Processing Technology
  • Sports Biomechanics
Apr 142012

** Chief Investigator in:

  1. J Wang, XP Li, YM Ali: Developing a hybrid waterjet-laser micromachining technology and associated process models for damage-free fabrication of silicon substrates. ARC DP110100690  ($766K including $380K cash)
Apr 102012
  • Several graduate level courses on: Venture Capital, Venture Creation, Intellectual Property, and Business Planning
  • Several graduate level courses on: Education methodologies, psychology, and programs
  • Several courses and workshops on: Marketing, Sales, and Financial markets
Apr 102012

*There is always a better way of doing things*

*Keep improving and seek Perfection*

*Knowledge is better than Intelligence*

*Imagination is more important than Knowledge*

*Don’t re-invent the wheel,  just know where you can buy one*

*You are cordially invited to visit my home;  just outside the square*

*Give me any set of numbers and I can prove anything*

Apr 102012

Chess is a game of strategy and tactics. ChessIt demonstrates how to–efficiently and effectively–utilise and mobilise all resources, towards achieving long-term goals while overcoming short-term challenges. It is about taking risks and making difficult decisions, while operating in complex situations and under strict time pressures. It is a real test of native leadership and management abilities. A game of chess demonstrates:

  • Assertiveness
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative and lateral thinking
  • Rational and logical thinking
  • Tactical flexibility
  • Pattern recognition
  • Multi-tasking
  • Results orientation
  • Positive emotional reactions
  • Capacity to endure frustrations
  • Taking initiative
  • Decision-making skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Computational skills
  • Attention to details
  • Composure under pressure or hostile situations
  • Planning, vision, common sense, and imagination

I love a game of chess, anywhere, anytime.

Invite me to a game of chess while we discuss your business needs and how I can help.

Don’t worry, I will let you win!

Apr 102012

Golf is a game of precision, coordination, flexibility, speed, strategy, and physical and emotional balance. Professional golfers can accelerate a club from zero to ~180 km/hr in less than 0.3 second, which is unmatched by any other sport. During a golf swing, more than 17 muscle systems in the human body are stretched to extreme length, then contracted rapidly. All muscle activities must be coordinated to produce smooth but ultra-high acceleration of the club-head. To drop a golf ball into a hole, some 400+ meters away from the tee in four shots, while overcoming various topographic barriers, wind, and mental stress, requires more than brute force.

I like golf because it is the perfect human sport: every muscle, from toes to hips to shoulders to wrests, are all synchronised within micro-second precision. It is a test of physical, mental, and emotional coordination, flexibility, and balance. In many ways, golf is similar to chess, in that it utilises and mobilises all human resources, towards achieving long-range goals while overcoming short-range challenges.

My interest in golf is more about the biomechanics of the human structure, which remains a significant challenge and a benchmark for engineering robotics. It is a challenge to engineering design, automation, materials sciences, and artificial intelligence.

Invite me to a game of golf while we discuss your business needs and how I can help.

Don’t worry, I will let you win!

Apr 102012

I love reading on everything non-fiction: technical, engineering, science, history, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, economics, religions, public affairs, finance…you name it: encyclopaedias, maps, books, magazines, manuals, journals, hard copy, electronic, or any other format. I like to read and know about everything. Kind of Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I am intimidated by the risk of ignorance. (see My Mottoes)

I like debating, especially when arguing a point of view that I do not personally hold or agree with. I find debating on behalf of the other side entertaining and enriching.  More significantly, debating helps me empathise with others and understand their motivations and where they come from. Being able to know and understand how others think and feel is empowering.

As a consultant, I am able to put my feet in your shoes and see things from your perspective; your interests, motivations, and concerns. My expert advice is, then, as authentic and genuine as if it were your own.