Apr 072012

This paper presents a fuzzy logic model for the selection of grinding wheels for surface grinding. The model is based on the qualitative knowledge obtained from various physical and empirical models of the grinding process, practical experience in the form of rules-of-thumb, and recommendations given by grinding wheel manufacturers. It is found that the selection of a proper grinding wheel, in terms of the type and size of abrasive grits, bond material and wheel grade, depends on seven parameters: (1) properties of work material, especially its hardness, (2) material removal rate, (3) required surface roughness, (4) effect of coolant application, (5) grinding wheel speed, (6) area of wheel-workpiece contact, and (7) machine power available. Recommendations by the model are compared with those by leading wheel manufacturers. The model can be applied to other grinding processes with some modification of the rule base.

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  1. Y.M. Ali, L.C. Zhang, A fuzzy logic approach for grinding wheel selection, in: N. Narutaki, C. Dingchang, Y. Yamane, A. Ochi (Eds.), Pro. 3rd Int. Conf. Prog. Cut. Grind., JSPE, Osaka, 1996, pp. 488-493.

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