Apr 102012

Golf is a game of precision, coordination, flexibility, speed, strategy, and physical and emotional balance. Professional golfers can accelerate a club from zero to ~180 km/hr in less than 0.3 second, which is unmatched by any other sport. During a golf swing, more than 17 muscle systems in the human body are stretched to extreme length, then contracted rapidly. All muscle activities must be coordinated to produce smooth but ultra-high acceleration of the club-head. To drop a golf ball into a hole, some 400+ meters away from the tee in four shots, while overcoming various topographic barriers, wind, and mental stress, requires more than brute force.

I like golf because it is the perfect human sport: every muscle, from toes to hips to shoulders to wrests, are all synchronised within micro-second precision. It is a test of physical, mental, and emotional coordination, flexibility, and balance. In many ways, golf is similar to chess, in that it utilises and mobilises all human resources, towards achieving long-range goals while overcoming short-range challenges.

My interest in golf is more about the biomechanics of the human structure, which remains a significant challenge and a benchmark for engineering robotics. It is a challenge to engineering design, automation, materials sciences, and artificial intelligence.

Invite me to a game of golf while we discuss your business needs and how I can help.

Don’t worry, I will let you win!

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