Apr 102012

I love reading on everything non-fiction: technical, engineering, science, history, philosophy, politics, psychology, sociology, economics, religions, public affairs, finance…you name it: encyclopaedias, maps, books, magazines, manuals, journals, hard copy, electronic, or any other format. I like to read and know about everything. Kind of Knowledge for the sake of knowledge. I am intimidated by the risk of ignorance. (see My Mottoes)

I like debating, especially when arguing a point of view that I do not personally hold or agree with. I find debating on behalf of the other side entertaining and enriching.  More significantly, debating helps me empathise with others and understand their motivations and where they come from. Being able to know and understand how others think and feel is empowering.

As a consultant, I am able to put my feet in your shoes and see things from your perspective; your interests, motivations, and concerns. My expert advice is, then, as authentic and genuine as if it were your own.

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