Apr 192012

Started working with CAE analysis and simulation tools in 1988: using Algor on PCs, and ANSYS on an enterprise server. Had several courses on the theory, mathematics, and programming for such techniques. Performed per-sale demonstrations and post-sale training for clients using various software. Over the years, had projects using several other FEA, FDA, and SPH software to analyse solid, fluid, heat, and electromagnetic problems:

Linear Simulation

  • Algor
  • Creo
  • NX

Non-linear Analysis

  • Abaqus
  • Adina
  • xxTRAN (MSC, NEi)
  • Femap

Dynamic Analysis

  • Autodyn
  • LS-Dyna

Also, other simulation techniques, e.g. Cellular Automata, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo, and non-linear optimisation.

Having a strong foundation in basic engineering sciences enables me to judge when a numerical technique goes fundamentally wrong, and to devise techniques to ensure that the simulation is physically sound.

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